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The website where you register as a participant also offers a lot of online research. For this research you do not have to come to the Behavioural Science lab but you can do it at home.

What to expect in online research

Online research can be done at home. You register via the website and will usually be redirected directly to the information brochure of the survey and then to the survey itself. Online research is very varied. The text prior to the research always explains what the research is about and what exactly you can expect. 

What is expected of you 

Please read the information text carefully in advance. Sometimes, for example, you can only carry out an study on a laptop or PC, but it is not suitable to carry it out from a tablet. It is important that you take some time for the study and that you can't be disturbed during the study. 

How to prepare for online research

For online research you usually do not need to make any special preparations. If you do, this is always clearly indicated in the information text. 

Can I participate in online research? 

Actually, anyone with a laptop or PC available can participate in online research. Please check beforehand whether the researchers are looking for participants in a target group to which you belong.