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In group research, you will perform tasks that you will partly do alone, and partly with other participants. For example, you take a seat behind the computer, receive task instructions, and are then asked to carry out a task with one or more other participants, via the computer or together in a room. This could be a negotiating task, a brainstorming task, or a problem-solving task (such as a fictitious murder mystery, or selecting the most suitable candidate for a particular job). The interactive task can be continued with individual questions about your opinion and experiences during the task. Behavioural scientists use this type of research to gain insight into group processes, such as collaboration and decision-making.

What to expect during Group research

During group research, depending on the type of study, you will first be taken to an individual room with a computer, or directly to a larger room where you can sit with other participants at a table. Instructions will be given either via the computer or on paper. In group research, conversations are often recorded; via chat if the interaction takes place online, or with cameras if you are discussing in a group in a room. This is always clearly indicated in advance. In group research, as the word suggests, it is essential that several participants have registered for the same appointment. This can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle for the researchers.As soon as an appointment can take place due to enough registrations, you will be informed by the researcher.

What's expected from you

During group research, you are expected to read the instructions carefully and perform the tasks in a serious and concentrated manner. With group research it is especially important that you are present at the agreed time - because the research takes place in a group it is essential that everyone is present because otherwise the research cannot be started. If one of the planned participants does not come, the research cannot continue. This is very annoying for the other participants and the researcher. As with any research in the Behavioural Science lab, participation is completely voluntary and you can stop at any time without giving reasons.

Prepare for the appointment

Usually you don't have to make any special preparations for Group research. You will receive information from the researcher, please read this well in advance so that you can contact the researcher with any questions you may have. 

Can I participate in Group studies? 

Whether you can participate in Group studies depends on the target group that is being sought for the current Group studies. The specifications per project can be found on the page where you can register for studies.