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Participating in cubicle studies is usually very simple. Cubicle is another word for the space in which the research takes place. You will sit at a desk behind a computer and perform various tasks via the computer. The type of task depends on the research. Sometimes you will be asked to empathize with a certain situation and then answer questions about how you would behave in such a situation. There are often a number of questionnaires about your opinion, behaviour and/or personality. Other types of tasks can also be used, such as recognising pictures, playing games (selection games, memory-like games), reacting with the mouse or keys to certain characters presented on the screen (and ignoring other characters) or watching videos that are then asked questions about. This type of research enables behavioural scientists to gain insight into human actions and thinking in different situations.

What to expect during Cubicle research

When participating in cubicle studies, the researcher will take you to a small quiet room whit a desk and a computer where you can perform the task.  The researcher will ask you to read the information on the screen and leave you alone unless you have any questions. Cubicle research is mostly self-explanatory, the instructions are clear from the computer program. There is always a researcher in an adjacent room to help you with any questions you may have.

What's expected from you

When you’re participating in cubicle research, you are expected to concentrate on reading all the instructions and perform the tasks seriously. Concentration is most important, so make sure there are no distracting factors and you take your time. So put your phone on silent and check in advance how long the test will take. As with any study in the Behavioural Science lab, participation is completely voluntary and you can stop at any time.

Prepare for the appointment

Usually you don't have to make any special preparations for Cubicle research. You will receive information from the researcher, please read this well in advance so that you can contact the researcher with any questions you may have.

Can I participate in Cubicle studies? 

Whether you can participate in Cubicle research depends on the target group that is being sought for the current Cubicle research. The specifications per project can be found on the page where you can register for studies.